A Fresh Encounter


Louise and CeaserLast month Miracle Life Family Church’s young adults’ ministry, Merge, hosted Encounter, a two-day event led by Ceaser and Louise Mupeta and their amazing team of volunteers.

Ceaser graduated from Rhema Zambia in 2012; Louise graduated in 2014. They are both on staff at MLFC and began serving together as Directors of Merge in October, 2015. Their love for young adults and their passion for seeing them live whole lives is what drives them.

With 50 volunteers running everything from photography, food preparation, registration, maintenance, sound production, program management, worship, preaching, and speaking in the workshops, Encounter stirred the hearts of 312 young people. This year’s event was themed Live on the OUT: OUT Live, OUT Love, OUT Serve.

The goal was to inspire young adults to live not just for themselves, but in a manner that leaves something significant for the next generation. This was emphasized through messages on the importance of loving God, themselves, and others with the same radical love that Jesus showed the hurting. The most deeply transformative components were the workshops on pornography addiction, alcohol and drug addiction, sexual abuse, forgiveness, character deficits, the Bible vs. tradition, and love & relationships.

Since Encounter, a series of life and healing groups has been started to help young adults continue on their journey of growth and healing.

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