Changed by Serving


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After I got married, my husband and I needed a church, so we decided to come to Miracle Life Family Church. We attended church for several months and each time we came, we were ministered to. That was enough confirmation to start membership class and that is how we joined the church. I believe that God has equipped me to be a worshipper in the music ministry. Leading people in praise and worship is absolutely awesome.

Serving has changed me.

I have learned so much from the level of seriousness the leaders at Miracle Life Family Church attach to serving in the Kingdom of God. I have learned to stay committed no matter the situation I am going through, and that what I have to do in the Body cannot be done by someone else. I have truly learned commitment. I have also experienced love from fellow believers. It is amazing how much people care and want to know you. My husband and I didn’t know that kind of fellowship, and what we have experienced at Miracle Life from fellow believers has been awesome.

I have truly grown in the things of God through the fellowship and the sermons that are always timely.

Serving at Miracle Life is very fulfilling and life changing, I am definitely much wiser and more self-disciplined—still growing but definitely a step ahead because of serving in the Body of Christ. I have drawn closer to God by learning to listen to Him and continually staying in communication with Him. I am changed because I know I serve a mighty God who is always with me and I do not have to do any special things for Him to hear me. It’s an awesome feeling and has given me a peace and joy that was not as real before I joined Miracle Life.

Being a member of Miracle Life is truly a blessing!

-Kalo Mubanga

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