Everybody wins when a leader gets better.



We were privileged to host Pastor Bill Hybels at Miracle Life Family Church in a a Q & A session titled Leadership Matters on 10 May.Bill Hybels is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church and author of more than 20 books on leadership. This was his second coaching session in Zambia, and we had an amazing time as he emphasized the need for every church to develop and implement a vision that goes beyond Sunday service.

Every leader is charged with the responsibility of moving people from their current state to a preferred state. That is why the local church must have a vision of where it wants to go, why it wants to go there, how it will strategically get to that place, and who will be on the team to help make the vision come to life.

We had 501 people attend the event, including pastors and business owners who took time to learn and ask questions about leadership. Among those in attendance were 157 Rhema Zambia students.

One highlight of the session, and the basis of many questions asked, was Bill’s Five Cs that describe who you want on the team to make the vision come to life. The five things to consider when adding people to your team, Bill shared, are: Character, Competence, Chemistry, Culture, and Calling.

We look forward to hosting the Global Leadership Summit this November. We remain passionate about developing leaders, because everybody wins when a leader gets better.

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