God’s Solutions to the Great Needs


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When Jesus saw the multitudes in Matthew 9, He was moved with compassion because “their needs were so great and they did not know where to turn for help.”  He instructed His disciples to pray that the Father would send more workers to go and become the solution for this great need. As we have travelled and ministered in Southern Africa for the last 21 years, we realize that the needs are still great and so many have nowhere to go for help. More high-quality people are still needed to bring God’s solutions to the great needs of the hurting in Zambia and around the world.

Rhema Zambia exists to train more workers for the great needs in this region.

We see throughout the New Testament that those whom God called went through a process to prepare them for the assignment they received from heaven. Rhema Zambia is raising up hundreds of men and women to take their place in God’s kingdom. They learn the Word of God and are taught how to live it out in their daily lives. Students also receive extensive wisdom in ministry development and skills in order fulfill their call with great success and excellence.

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Through your partnership, we can keep Bible School tuition at an affordable level, continue to reach out on radio and other media, and take God’s Word and power to the precious men and women of this continent. Your investment will outlive your life as leaders here also train faithful men and women. 

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