Growing Leaders

Mofya Kabwe

I really did not want to go to Rhema. For over a year, people would tell me I should go to Rhema and it was the right place for me, but I really did not want to go because I did not feel it was something I needed to do. I honestly did not think everybody should go to Rhema, so I resisted. Late last year though, I heard God tell me that in order to be the influence that I need to be in my family and with the youth, I needed to grow and I needed to grow a whole lot.

So I thought about how the people I knew at Rhema (and those who had already been through it) talked about growth and a change in perspective. I decided to enroll, but even when I started school I really did not want to be there. I do not like school, partly because I have a short attention span. Throughout the first term, I was still waiting for a sign or a word from God to show me what He really wanted me to learn, but I still just felt like I was hearing things I had already heard before. It was not until the second term when I found myself in classes like Biblical EconomicsHoly SpiritRighteousness, and Holy Spirit and His Gifts that I really felt God talking to me. I felt challenged and moved to learn more. I started to think differently and feel the impact of the classes in my life. I found myself having “God moments” and thinking, “Wow, that is a new revelation.” I began to look forward to learning more from the classes.

I am really looking forward to the rest of the program and continue to be so thankful for all the people who kept pushing me go to Rhema. Now I am anxious to see what God has for me in the terms to follow!

– Mofya Kabwe


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