Impacted By Serving


I grew up without a father. He was absent from my life and the only memory I have of him is from when I was six years old. That is the only time I remember seeing him. His absence impacted me a lot and it made it difficult for me to be around friends who had their father in their lives because they would often talk about how they were wearing their dad’s shirt or cologne. I felt left out and slowly began to detach from them because they would always speak about their fathers.

As a teenager I found myself around the wrong kinds of people and began to search for approval in a number of things including alcohol. I started drinking more and more as I grew older and when I went to University I didn’t finish because I spent my time partying and drinking instead of going to class. That brought a level of shame in my life because my behavior kept me from achieving what I wanted to achieve. I felt there was no one there to encourage and build me up the way a father is supposed to.

My life turned around when I got saved in December 2012. I felt the need to find people who have gone through a similar situation and help them realize that we have an ever-existing father, who is God. I decided to join Impact Youth at Miracle Life Family Church. Just seeing the heart of the youth at their meetings every Saturday—whether I was helping by just cleaning a seat, picking up a piece of paper, or opening a window—gave me a sense of satisfaction. I knew that I played a part in youth getting saved or rededicating their lives to God.

Serving has also helped me to value people, not just at church or at Impact but also in my own home. I no longer think my wife should be the only one to do the laundry or wash the dishes. I am a servant in the home because I value my wife and kids, and I want my kids to grow up with the attitude of serving because that’s what God expects from us. Serving really has changed every aspect of my life and I feel honored to be able to make an impact in the lives of others.

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