Stand and Sing!


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Happy 50th Birthday Zambia!

It has been a great pleasure to have lived here in Zambia for 11 of your 50 years. Thank you for providing such an amazing place for my wife, children and me to enjoy, grow and serve your amazing people.

As a pastor here, I am more aware than most that while Zambia truly is a great nation, many of our 13 million people are suffering and not living the life designed by their Creator God. This should not be denied, nor lamented without intentional action.

Let’s each of us make this a land of work. Not just work to get ahead and pay a few bills. But work to lift this nation and its citizens to their redemptive potential in God. There are greater things to be done in the next 50 years and count Haley and I among those who will plan, sweat and sacrifice to build something great and pass it on to another generation who will do the same.

Bless this Great Nation – Zambia, Zambia!

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