Stepping Up as Men of God




We are currently hosting specialized small groups for targeted growth, and one of them is an 11-week study for men called Stepping Up. Here is a testimony from one of the men who completed the program:

In the first session we were asked who the heroes in our lives are, and because my father used to have a drinking problem I never thought of him as a hero. I was always angry with him and I did not forgive him even up to the time of his death in 2011. I did not understand why he did the things he did and I was so bitter because I felt like he wasted his life. With the Stepping Up program, I came to realize that he made me the man that I am today because I did not want to be like him in the way I work and look after my family. I did not want to continue doing things the way that my father did.

Stepping Up taught me that we have to add on to what our fathers leave for us. Whenever I asked my father questions or had a situation, he gave me advice he had simply thought up. He never gave me a Biblical point of view on any situation I was facing. I feel that if we take the good from what our fathers taught us and add what we have learned from the Bible, then we will become better fathers.

During Stepping Up I learned that there is more to parenting than simply ensuring your children have successful careers. I did not have a chance to go to college, so it was always very important to me to make sure my children got a good education and a good career. That is not all we should hope our children achieve. We may give our children the best education and all the money in the world, but if they do not know the will of God for their lives and if as a parent you have not imparted the importance of God being the center of their lives, then everything can disappear in a moment.

Stepping Up taught me that our entire family has to be grounded in the Word of God, and as a father I must help my children to become the best that God wants them to be. Initially I thought that 11 weeks might be too long, but what I learned in those 11 weeks has changed my life forever.

-Zain Bazil Cunningham

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