Lindson Nyirenda

All my life, I had a misunderstanding about the devil in that I thought and often heard it preached that the devil gets permission from God to do evil. This misunderstanding comes from the book of Job in chapters 1 and 2. I thought that we pass through problems with God’s permission.

After learning, in one of the Rhema classes, that Job did not have a personal relationship with God and he did not have a Bible that showed him what God was like, it made me understand the truth about the devil. Job didn’t even realize there was a devil so he blamed God for all the evil in his life. I now know that the statement, “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away” is not a true statement. It is something Job said out of his pain and ignorance of who God is and not something we should repeat.

I am thankful to know the devil does not have authority over believers. When you are born again, the devil loses his authority over you and God cannot allow evil to teach us a lesson. He is a good and loving God and He never changes.


Charity Musonda

For years I struggled with anxiety, insecurity, feeling unloved, unwanted, and lonely. I would always pretend to be happy when I was with people; I would put on a fake smile but deep inside I was broken.

Last year a friend of mine encouraged me to get more involved at church and to join Merge. I used to think Merge was just an excuse for Young Adults to meet and hang out, I never took it seriously but after attending some meetings I realized that there’s actually so much that happens at Merge and you get to learn so much about God`s Word and his love. It is a place where you can grow in your walk with Christ, you learn more of our Father’s love through other young people also going through the same things in life; a support group, a family. I now feel complete, loved and proud to say I am a daughter of the Most High God and I can call him Father.


Andsen Shawa

Before I came to Rhema Zambia, I had a misconception about God, that He gives blessings to His children and then takes them back anytime He wants to.  I failed to distinguish between the God who gives and the devil who steals.  In this way, I blamed God for things He never did and justified the devil for the evil that he did.  Each time God blessed me with a good gift, I would be afraid of losing it because I believed that He could take it back anytime He wanted.  And whenever I lost something nice, I would attribute the loss to God.  Even when people lost property or their lives through an accident, I would accept it as the work of God.  As a result, my life was full of insecurity and uncertainty.  This greatly affected how I viewed God’s love for me.

My belief has changed since then, now I know the truth about the God I serve.  He gives good and perfect gifts and does not take away from us (James 1:17).  He is not like a man who lies and changes his mind.  When He gives, He gives and when He blesses, He blesses.  His gifts are irrevocable.  The devil, on the other hand, is the one who steals and destroys the good things God gives to his children (John 10:10). 

Knowing this has helped me change the way I view God’s love for me.  Believing this has given me a sense of security and certainty because I know God loves me and that will never change because He does not change.  Coming to Rhema Zambia and learning these truths has opened up my eyes to who God the Father really is.  I am so thankful to know this now.