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Walker and Haley Schurz are Directors of Africa Outreach and Rhema Bible Training Center Zambia and have ministered in Southern Africa since 1992. They are both graduates of Oral Roberts University and Rhema Bible Training Center (USA). They have a long and rich heritage of service and leadership. After ministering and living for ten years in South Africa, Walker and Haley have made their home in Lusaka, Zambia since 2004. They also lead Miracle Life Family Church, a growing and vibrant international church of over 3,000. Read More


As we were preparing for Encounter I did not imagine how big of an impact it would have on my life. Throughout the preparation period I would come to church and help the Merge leaders by volunteering with entering data as well as editing workshop material. It was starting to become so familiar that I was not expecting to be impacted. On the first day Ceaser preached a sermon titled OUT Serve that really moved me and had me thinking about the reason why I serve. I started to look within myself and question why I help out at church, especially with things that can be tedious and seem unimportant like data entry or serving on the lighting team. Things that sometimes seem small can have a profound effect on the way that the Gospel is received. I began to look at my tasks as service to not just the Mergers but to God, and I realized that that should be my biggest motivation to serve—and to serve well. I now understand that the outcome of my service will affect a life.

I was also really encouraged by how much work the leaders put in before the event to make sure that it was well-planned and full of meaningful content for all of us. Seeing their commitment and how well the fruits of their labor turned out helped me see that serving is not about me. So many Mergers talked about the impact of the praise and worship, the sermons, the workshops, and the fellowship that they experienced at Encounter. For me, that makes serving all the more worth it.

Encounter changed how I serve others. I do it so that someone else can get what they need, for a life that will be changed.

Chitalu Lamba

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My wife and I are delighted that God directed us to be a financial support to the ministry of Walker and Haley. We had the privilege of working with them in Africa when we were first starting out in ministry together. It’s exciting to see what God has and continues to do in and through their lives. Their lives have impacted thousands…

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One of the things I learned at Rhema Zambia was that God is a Provider.  Since coming to RBTCZ, I have seen the provision of the Father again and again.  I first learned about God’s provision in my Faith Foundations class.  I began to learn how to believe God for the necessities of life.  As a widow with five children…

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We are so honored that God has placed us in Zambia to raise up generations of Godly leaders who are mature in character, knowledge and skill.  These leaders are impacting their world.  We truly believe that the greatest need in all of Africa are leaders who will transform their world through Godly practices and principles.  Through Rhema…

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As we continue to look at the characteristics of insecure leaders, we need to note that two inadequate, but typical paths that lead to insecurity are in what others say or think about us or in our performance. If we take these paths into ministry, we are doomed for frustration, injuring those we are to serve and not fully realizing the God-given mandate on our life...

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